How can I update the game?

We release new content every month, that’s why we recommend that you keep your app up to date in order to always get the latest content as well as the latest fixes.

Every update comes with new puzzles and improvements. Now, to update the app, all you have to do is follow the steps below:


  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Menu then My apps & games.
  3. Search for CodyCross.
  4. Tap Update.

You can check more information about updating your apps here.


  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap your profile icon located on the upper right side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down a bit to see the pending updates. There you can either update all of your apps or search for CodyCross and update it.

More information about updating your iOS apps can be found here

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