How to use power-ups

Do you know that moment in the game where one clue is kinda hard to be guessed? No need to worry because we got you covered. CodyCross has 4 different power-ups that definitely will help you.

You already know CodyCross’s buddy that reveals one letter when you drag and drop onto any tile of the puzzle. To use him, you’ll only need to use 1 token. As a refresher, take a look at the following GIF to see how it sways.

Want some letters randomly revealed across the board? It will just cost you 2 tokens. Just drag and drop the second power-up onto any place within the puzzle and she will reveal letters. Take a quick look.

The third power-up might look a bit grumpy, but believe me, he’s a real helper and needs only 2 of your tokens. When you drag and drop him onto any tile of the puzzle, he’ll show in the keyboard only the letters used in the answer, but it’s up to you to decipher the anagram. See how it works. 

Last but not least, the fourth power-up reveals the entire word for 3 tokens. Simple as it is. Don't worry, you'll still get the hints a word gives you when correctly answered. Have a look. 

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